Monday, February 01, 2010

Too Complex!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Ever just sat down quietly and contemplate on life? I do it all the time...

Sometimes, it just gets a little too complicated...when you think of the galaxy, other galaxies...other beings...if we are indeed the product of the Big Bang Theory, what about intelligent design, aka the human definition of a superior being (mostly referred to as God)?

If God had created us humans with our ability to think rationally, logically...and if He/She is indeed all-seeing, all-knowing, are we supposed to be? Why are we here? What lesson are we supposed to learn? Are we alone in this world? If so, why create such a huge universe, and if not...why can't we connect or see or communicate with terrestrial beings?

All these thought sometimes generate weird and scary questions if I had a spaceship that could travel millions or billions of light years, where would I end up? What's at the end of the universe? Is it just a never-ending pitch-black space or would there be things that I could never imagine?

I have more to ask, but I think i'll just save it for now...