Wednesday, February 03, 2010

23 In 2010!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I can't believe i'm gonna be turning 23 this freakin' year! Okay, it's still a few months away, but I don't know why i'm freaking out all of a sudden!

Why does turning 23 seem so...i dunno...old?

I know, I know...ridiculous! But somehow, i think that 23 is decades older than 22...and i have NO idea why! Maybe it's something my sister told me..."Damn, you're 23 this year!!! You're 23!!! 23!!!" -_____-

Uggghhh...meanwhile, here's a short poem (doesn't seem poetic!) for me to vent, and for you to laugh at:

The pressure is building,
The wrinkles are forming,
Before I become anything,
I'm already hyperventilating!

I'm gonna be 23!!!
Oh, Father Time...what are you doing to me?
At this moment I am happy,
But I still can't help feeling like a looney...

First the questions...
Then the expectations...
Then your salutations;
From young girl, to young 'old spinster with cats for her minions'...

Is this what happens when you reach my age?
That you feel so scared that you would need shrinkage?
That you wanna turn back time and hide back in your box...
That you took so long to get out of?

I guess this is what happens when you're me,
The weirdest gal there ever could be,
What the hell's wrong with me turning 23?
Am I not supposed to celebrate with glee?

Questions that only can be answered in time...for now, I can see faint crow's feet on the edge of my eyes...damn! I always picture myself growing old with know, grace that comes from years of wisdom, experiences and achievements!

When i'm able to, I shall travel...every year, by hook or by my list of places I've always wanted to visit and go see...sorta like a "100 places to go before I die" kinda list...Aurora Borealis in Alaska, Vegas, Paris, Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, Cambodia, Brazil, New Orleans, etc...aaaaah, may it be so!!!


NightFox said...

Nice one...on turning 23.

I too, freaked out the moment I realised that this year I'm turning 23 and 10 years later, I shall be 33...oh the horror!


Here's hoping that you'll finish off your year with great achievements :D

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Yes!!! 33...43...53!!!


Thanks dear...i wish the same for you... :)))))