Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Gleek's Pseudo-Tribute

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How do I start?

I start by thanking John Logie Baird (is it correct?) for inventing the TV...I remember his name because it rhymes with Yogi Bear...Lol! Ahhh, remember the days of memorizing the names of inventors during our primary school years? If i'm not mistaken, we were forced to memorize these peoples' names when we were in Standards 5 and/or 6...

Well, whateverlah (lol, never used 'lah' on my blog before)...I used to think that the 90's provided us with great sitcoms and TV shows...then, at the start of the new millennium, the days of reality TV was great when it started, but it became a cultural phenomenon, that now...MTV has cropped its "Music Television" phrase from its logo...yeah, buhbye to music vids, hello 24/7 reality shows!!! TV just isn't as good as it used to be...most of my faves ended their storylines after tons of seasons, then came my withdrawal symptoms...uhhhh, where am I getting at?

I was supposed to talk about my CURRENT fave TV shows...epic fail! Well, here goes:

The current "it" show would be Glee...I love the show so much because it's a breath of fresh air. So ok, it's basically your cliched 'Breakfast Club' meets High School Musical (hate it!!!)...BUT, it feels real and genuine. The characters are lovable...heck i even love the villain!!! The writing's good, the song mash-ups are great, the dancing is ok, they all have musical backgrounds (heck, Lea and Jenna both have performed on Broadway!!!), etc...need I say more? It's the shit, babes! Lol...

Well, it's my current fave...but i'm scared that it'll just fall...just like Heroes, Lost, Desperate Housewives,, i'm just hoping that it will last for a very very long time...but how long can the premise last, eh? They could only last till the writers decide when the kids would graduate from high school, right?

For now, i'll be joining the masses in enjoying all the music they're serving us on a weekly basis...can't wait for their return after the hiatus!

PS: Just so you know, I do not think their version of "Don't Stop Believing" trumps Journey's one beats Journey or Steve Perry!!! Well, maybe Arnel Pineda replaced Steve, but...nobody beats Journey...hahahaha! Just can't believe people think the Glee version of this song is superior...what blasphemy!!!

Ahhhh, the crap I write during the holidays...gotta love it!


Anonymous said...

And Steve Perry is nothing without Journey.

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

CORRECT u are!