Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some Stuff Coz I'm Bored...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I write regardless whether i'm bored or not...however, in this case...I'M SO FREAKIN' BORED!!! AHHHHH!!! Added to the fact that it's heat-wave season--> I hate is soooo much!!! I'm never one to complain when it rains, coz I think of it as a blessing. At least you don't have to suffer from heatstroke!

Heat wave --> the scorching sun, sweat, prickly heat, severe neck itch, sunburn (no matter how high the SPF!!!), dehydration to the point of dizziness, nausea, low blood pressure...well, maybe that's just my take. What I know for sure is that my immune system is of 2 extremes...i've somehow managed to evade the flu that's attacked my family...and yet...and sucks at protecting me from feeling faint, headaches, wanting to puke, etc...classic symptoms dehydration! I'm drinking a lot of water now, so what gives???

I can only blame myself for not taking precautions many people know, I hate drinking water, but loooove my java...mmmm, yummo! Gimme a hot brewed one anytime! :) BUT...yeah, the formula is simple, actually:

dry season + diuretics + not drinking water = disaster/dehydation

Maybe if i'd kept this habit up, I'd be having low b.p. like I did in '08...well, thank God all i'm suffering from is the icky-sticky feeling of sweat and itching neck! Medicated powder, here I come!!!


On a different note, I watched Marley & Me again...'Sunday TV nite'...with Popsie (my dad). I got teary-eyed when I watched Marley put his face on Jennifer Aniston's lap while she was crying after she found out that her baby didn't have a heartbeat at 2-months...ugggghhhh, it damn bloody struck a chord!!! Reminded me of my mom and dad...all before Baby A was born! :)

...and of course, the sad part was when they put Marley to sleep...I just love how dogs can love you no matter what you have...poor or rich, stupid or smart...if you show them love, they're yours for keeps! Can't say much about humans though...

Okok, so the point I was going to make...the movie was not great, but it does have its moments. After all that, I turned to my 'Sunday TV nite' partner and said, "Damn...a freakin' tear-jerker towards the end, wasn't it?" and Dad said, "Nahhh, i'm not really a dog person." -______- Mood killer...

Anyway, guess that's all i'm writing for now...i have a bunch of stuff in my head, but to write all of them would take a week, maybe...with the heat and all...I think i'll just go do some assignments (HALLELUJAH!!!)...maybe, no promises! One thing i'll promise is that i'm gonna drink water...and lots of it! I just started a week ago, so here's to good health!

Oh yeah...just found out that the rest of my classes has been cancelled for the, I came all the way here just for one day's class... -_____- Guess i'll be going home that case, it's the perfect time to go get a haircut!!! Long hair is NOT good for the heatwave!!! Uggghhh...

Toodlez, bitches!