Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy Days & Gratefulness

Thursday, January 28, 2010!!! The week has been quite hectic!!! I love it!!! Hahahaha, I just love the adrenaline when you're rushing to do one thing, then another!

My previous post on the fear of swimming and submerging myself underwater...well, i'm still getting used to it...but thanks to F & A...I can now swim..well, somewhat!!! I still get panicky when I can't touch the ground with my feet. Still need some getting used was my second day!

We went for a few minutes yesterday...damn, the pool was packed!!! of course, we went to the "Wuss Pool", that's what I call it because it's NOT Olympic-sized...the pool for real swimmers is on the other side, which I shall not go to, hehehehe!

Well, the first 20 minutes, I was just too panicky and fidgety, but thanks to F & A's patience and getting me all comfortable with submerging myself in the water, they thought me how to float and waddle around the pool...

Once I got the hang of it, I started swimming...woot!

We went again this morning, but it was hot and sunny...damn hell, we got sunburnt!!! Well, as A says, "Better to be thin and dark, rather than fair and overweight!!!" true!!! So, with all this in mind, I'm gonna start practicing the art of swimming, as even on the second day, I feel scared...hmmmph!!!

I shall swim my way into fitness...hahahaha, if only!!! I can't even do a lap without gasping for air and swallowing water!!! Arrrggghhhh...I thought I could avoid it, but there's no way, man...swallowing water is a must when you're learning (says Sifu F)... :/

Well, if I...a 23-year old girl can learn to swim...YOU (whoever that can't swim for nuts) can too!!! Amen!!!

Again, I would like to thank God for not letting me drown and finding the drive to learn something I've feared my whole life...I don't even know how I got the urge to learn swimming...I never even thought about it...just came out of nowhere, and when F suggested we go swimming, it was an opportunity!!! So yay, thank you God!!!

Thank you F & A for having the patience for teaching this doofus with such grace and sincerity!!! Love you guys...of course, you will live on as "The people who thought G how to swim!!!"...such good teachers you are, heheheheh!!! *Bows to F & A as sign of respect*

Ok so that's for many days now i've been going back and forth with A to this office and that office to submit and correct the paperwork for the trip...we're damn fuckin tired, so I do hope our time and effort do not go to waste, and that this trip WILL (by hook or by crook) happen!!! Amen!!!

And yes, who could assignment presentation the next 2 weeks, and of thesis!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Just give me a mug of strong java...and i'll be good to go!!!

May the force be with you and me! Aiyaiyaiyaiyaiyai (say it like Xena, warrior princess, and fadeout!)...