Friday, September 30, 2005


Friday, September 30, 2005

I think I might finally be at ease with myself, me being single and all...I guess it just took me some time to realize some things are just worth waiting for. I just want something REAL, not some movie line to make me feel "complete"...Maybe there's no such thing, i say!

Anyway, all I wanna do now is concentrate on achieving my ambitions and with that, make my parents proud! I hope to God that happens, coz at the rate I'm goin' through...Uuuhhh!

If this dream of mine comes true, it would be worth all the shit they (my parents) went through just to make me happy and motivated to be SOMEBODY...

Love you mom and dad. (They don't know about this blog, so i'm not worried...yet!)


Neo said...

waiting,is something dat everybody did..if every1 keep on waiting,whose goin 2 chase? :) dnt worry,in life,everybody will wait n chase for something..the race is never end till d day we're gone~