Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dreaming Beautiful Dreams

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lucid dreams,
What I wait for the whole day,
Flying high in the sky,
Transforming into an eagle gliding through a storm, that is my life...

Lucid dreams,
Guiding me to a deeper realm called fantasy,
I'm in my own world, where I am the queen,
I rule, but I am alone...

Lucid dreams,
By now, it's a contradiction,
No longer can I control it,
I'm falling, falling down and I can't stop,
No one cares, as I am alone in MY world...

Lucid dreams,
No more,
I am lost in an underworld, where I am nothing at all,
Am in a world of absolute loneliness...

Lucid dreams,
I am lifeless, my soul spirited away by the darkness,
As my lone self conquers the night,
I remember flying high in my glory,
And I wonder if there is anyone who would save me from this nightmare,
Which I thought was a lucid dream,
And, now, I am trapped...

I am waiting for you...
Save me from this hollow space,
Where this void grows every day,
Until the day you find me, I am a-broken...


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