Sunday, September 25, 2005

I hate It!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I've had it with people askin' me what race I am...Sayin' that I'm a Malaysian, (Oops, guess my cover's blown, but I don't care anymore!) shouldn't that be enough for people to get a clue and not be too preoccupied with what my race is? I mean, what the fuckin' hell is the point?

This is what I don't get, and one more thing, when I say i'm a Malaysian, they laugh out loud and say, "seriously, answer the question..."

What the hell? Who are you, really? Mr/Ms gotta-know-it-all? Get off my case and get on with your fuckin' life! It's ok if we know each other, and I understand you wanting to know, but if you're just some stranger, what the hell are you so curious about? It's none of your fuckin' business who or what I am!

This is what people think of you when you, a stranger, ask a person these types of question:
  • You seem like a freak
  • You seem like you have a fetish for the unconventional-raced people
  • You seem like you are havin' a bet with your friends on guesses what race the particular person is
  • You make yourself to be just plain annoyin' and weird
  • You seem to have no life, lookin' to strangers and askin' things about them, and many more...

So, the next time you wanna ask someone you don't know what race they are, just remember this...You're freakin' weird!!!

Heed my advice, and thou shall be free of all judgement!!!


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