Sunday, October 02, 2005

I'm Screwed!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Huh! just as i thought thing were goin fine, my parents decide to have a fight. Sometimes i just wish i could disappear, you know?

Perhaps i jinxed my good luck or something...why do they always have to bring up the past? and it ALWAYS about money, and why the other isn't doin enough to help out.I'm out here on neutral territory, and i always thought that the both of them did their part in helping out.

I'm so pissed that they complain to ME(???), but fail to talk to each other...I say, go seek counselling, but each are too proud to seek help, coz they don't wanna change...If that isn't enough, my sis has no clue...Coz everyone is tellin' me, and me ONLY!

I'm screwed! just as i think my life would get better, disasters like these happen!


Neo said...

n hey,being a good listener,is u listen.being a better one,you try 2 resolve,but emotion apart..its hard,but its not impossible to try~ i noe its ur fmly in stake in here,but only you can try 2 help :)
ps:its not wrong 2 help,dont beat urself up if u failed 2 help some1..but rmmbr this,smtimes,theres people who hate 2 be helped,but once u'r helping them,sincerely,the r still people who have heart.even if u let a pity dog ,it will help you back..Faith in GOD is greater than asking urself,whether u done d right thing or not.. GOD knows,n some people who u share it noes. :)