Thursday, September 15, 2005

Some Stuff I Thought About

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Just some stuff i was thinkin' about...

Things I am thankful for:
  • my parents
  • my personality
  • my intelligence
  • music
  • Hollywood
  • my people skills
  • sushi & pasta-basically, all the food I like
  • the internet
  • great authors & their books
  • peace in my country
  • my capabilities
  • my privacy
  • my dog-may you RIP, my dear friend...
  • my ability to keep my feelings (not thoughts) inside
  • my ability to understand & appreciate peoples' diversities
  • my friends
  • my spontaneity
  • my sense of humor
  • my comeuppance from overweight child to normal-sized girl

Things i'm not thankful for:

  • my neurotic mindset
  • my being a control freak
  • my inability to shut my mouth when I have a thought
  • my inability to lose an argument
  • my lack of confidence
  • my mild body-dysmorphic disorder (BDD);not that bad like other girls, just a mild one!
  • my addiction to TV shows, movies & the internet
  • my inability to save money
  • my lack of self-control; food-wise, money-wise, tv-wise, etc...
  • my physical scars and ugly skin (frm being a formerly overweight child and having had a serious bout with the chicken pox; mine was brutal!)
  • my inability to trust the opposite sex, except my dad and close male friends (was molested twice by strangers; a motorcyclist & a mad man)
  • my laziness
  • my inability to accept that some guys may actually be attracted to me
  • my lack of communication with God (i will try after this!)

I bet there's a lot of stuff i've forgotten, but, at least i got some of my thoughts out...


eric said...

Hi there, just jumping around the blogs looking for some ideas to improve my blog and landed on yours. I like the way you have laid it out. It has given me some good ideas, thanks. My blog isn’t up to much but I have a really good daily affirmations site. (It helps people achieve their Dreams). Check it out if you get the time :-) Anyway keep up the good work and I’ll try and get back here soon. Have a really good day.

ledzeppelin4evr said...
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Neo said...

Things your not thankful glad ur making progress to to overcome these things..n i always be ur extra hand when u need it..ok dear?
every1 have their satisfaction in wut GOD has gave em..but some of em,were jst as a reminder..where GOD would say
"Human,can only try,n do their best..while GOD will make it work..GOD's will"
-if u stumble,u wud tk ur hand,n stand up again..or u can take others hand who's willing 2 help you. GOD didnt made u fall for no reason :)