Friday, September 16, 2005

Won't Somebody Find Me?

Friday, September 16, 2005

When are you gonna be here by my side?
When are we gonna spend special moments together?
When is my life gonna be filled with pure and brilliant love?
When are you gonna look into my eyes and say you're always gonna be here with me?
When will i be able to look forward to the times we're gonna spend together?
When will i be able to let my guard down?
When will someone other than God know how/who i really am?
When are you gonna know me?
When will we find love in one another?
When will you find me?

Only God knows, i'm lookin' forward to when we find each other someday, please don't let me down...coz i would like to think that it was worth all the wait...

Whoever you are, know that i'm waiting for you to find me...


Neo said...

if ur hiding,some people would not find u..esp d people who u were meant 2..dont 'hide' too deep,n dont show too 'much' . Im sure,there's always somebody searching for somebody..where all d past,become a past,n d present is a really a present from GOD 4 u to make d best out of it..n d future,for you 2 do ur best,as GOD will help :)