Friday, September 02, 2005

Goodbye Letter to a Former Best Friend

Friday, September 02, 2005

Friends forever! That's the deal we made...some go off to another college and you never take the effort to even call or sms! What the hell, man? What hurts the most is that you don't even reply my's not that hard...just an sms!

Maybe i was stupid for thinkin you were a true best friend, coz best friends don't talk bad about each other behind their backs....what a damn backstabber! And that wasn't even about me, that was about another best friend...What could you possibly be talkin about me to that other friend if you are talkin shit about her to me? And boy, are you one hell of a two-faced missy...always lying to your parents, friends and boyfriends...

I have principles, and one of 'em is not being friends with people who are too much of a backstabbing, major, i bid you goodbye, and farewell...i really hope that you realize that you are losing a person who was the greatest friend you could have ever had! But i know better, and even a teacher told me you talked her into not givin me an increased grade in school, coz that would mean getting a better position in class...You woulda hated that wouldn't you?

Well, i'm not a bitch, i'm a nice that's why people trust me and tell me when "certain friends" are bad-mouthing me...I know i deserve better than having a "friend" like you! I believe in karma, so watch your back, coz what goes around comes around!

So long, and may you change for the better before it's too late!


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Neo said...

thank god u od said wut i had in mind ~ fewh.. :) hey,we oughtta get some stinky fruits before we'll taste d sweetest and most delicious 1 in d end :) chill~