Monday, September 26, 2005

Dear God...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Take it, I give it to you,
My life's worth, my Lord & my God!
I give it all to thee,
For You to set free,
Free onto this Earth,
To learn, be wise, and be whole...

For the love of her family,
She wills herself to be content,
Guarded, she has no-one to call her 'other',
Although it may seem that she needs not this 'other',
She very does so...

For her, no-one has the time,
And so she develops, quietly, slowly through all of her senses,
She listens to peoples' experiences and learn from them,
She does not seem lonely, she has friends,
But only ONE being knows her true-self,
And that is you,
God Almighty...

And, that is why I give it to you,
My soul to keep, my heart to hold,
Until you find the right person for me,
That You choose to give him this gift,
That is my heart...

(PS. This is just my mushy, 'artistic' side being published in this blog...My blog is meant to be satirical, but that doesn't seem to be the case now, is it? So, just deal with it, will ya?)

(PPS. I'm NOT an atheist! It may seem so before this, but i'm not...)


Neo said...

I noe ur prayer is heard by GOD,n im praying 4 u too dear G.. :) yeah,GOD give us heart..which 2 be shared by those who deserve it :) dont worry,GOD will give u a long as u can survive it,im sure GOD set up a really worthy present just 4 u :)