Friday, September 23, 2005

High Highs & Low Lows...

Friday, September 23, 2005

I sometimes am afraid that i might have some sort of undiagnosed mental illness...When i'm happy, i'm extremely happy, and when i'm down/sad/angry, it's to the extreme, too!

Is it bipolar i'm havin'? Oh God, i hope not...I don't wanna be another nutcase in the world...I hope to God it's my imbalanced hormones...

I lash out at everyone nowadays, my mom and dad especially...Maybe i think of them as an outlet for my anger coz i've been theirs for all these years...Them not wanting to "hurt" my sister's feelings and all...Might I say, all this has made her even worse than before.

I hope they realize their mistake and stop doin this to me...For now, all i can do is confide in the music I listen to. It does soothe me a little...

No one really knows me, i guess. Just waiting to be released from this prison of depression. I cover it up with my sarcastic jokes and sense of humor...Guess it's a defense mechanism!

Have a flair for writing, my former teacher told me once...Maybe it could mount to something in the future...I hope!

I sure hope this will be over when my hormones become balanced, LOL!


Neo said...

Confides something is a good thing..but 1 person does have limit..every1 does..dsnt mean u have 2 confide everything within you..we have trillion,billion,million,or just 1 heart 2 share it with.. it wont solve anything,but at least,it ease ur pain,n reduce ur burden of sadness/madness/wutever thing u called it :)