Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I don't know why, but I get happy when my day is productive...I know, it's crazy to be happy just because of this...but mainly i'm happy because somehow the LoA has helped me once more...will explain later!

Woke up to go see our French lecturer to enquire many things regarding Lasbella. Got the info we needed mostly! I'm so stupid though...as secretary, I didn't do my job well enough coz I went and forgot to bring the paperwork...thank God he was kind enough to print out a copy for us (me and the Chairperson...Mlle A!) My apologies to A for my absent-mindedness...well, a lot of things to do to make this possible, but we need everyone to pull this together, and I pray this happens for us! Amen...

Then we went for our replacement class...which isn't so boring...dunno why, but I didn't get bored in class...maybe i've been sleeping too much...so I don't feel as sleepy as I used to! Hehehehe...

After lunching with F, we went (this is what made my day!) to the mini-library in the faculty...why? Because i finally took a second step towards understanding what goes into making a thesis...then, this is where LoA came in...a classmate who happens to have the same supervisor as me started asking me questions about my thesis...then I told her my problems regarding my thesis and whatnot...so her friend heard me and offered me this authority figure's contact info to ask for assistance. Seems that although this man is VIP, he's very keen with helping students with their problems...Oh, thank God!!! I thought i'd never get even ONE person to interview!!!

Thank God!!!

And thanks to F for taking me there...coz if you didn't wanna go, I would've not gone there as well...then i wouldn't have talked to KPK, then i wouldn't have gotten Y's help...

Thanks, universe...i'm smiling not only because i'm happy, but because i'm so relieved that I do not have to worry too much about finding contacts...that was all I was worried about actually. Coz in my topic, my supervisor wants me to interview many people...so maybe getting one or two would kick-off the momentum...hahah!

Please God, let me finish my thesis on time...and a good thesis at that!