Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Light Up, Light Up...As If You Have A Choice!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I was listening to Snow Patrol's Run...and I was somehow directed to Leona Lewis' rendition...of course, the style is so different, but I love her version as well...she has such a high range as a vocalist...

Leona is such a great singer...and I love the theme for Avatar, by the way...if you listen to it the first few times, it would sound quite weird because the song is kinda complicated...sometimes, when you hear a song, you know the direction...but with 'I See You', you wouldn't know it...the range is wide...the backups rather robotic...but Leona's part shines. I still like the song though!

And it doesn't hurt that she's a looker as sis thinks she looks like a man (hahahaa), but I beg to differ...I think she's beautiful! Looks+voice=perfect product=success...

Okay...why am I writing about Leona Lewis at almost 4 in the morning?

Oh, and a friend recommended that I give a listen to Chet Baker's 'My Funny Valentine'...I love Sinatra and Bennet's versions of the song, and of course...such a classic song would mean dozens of cover versions...but Chet's version is great breezy, almost in a soft whisper...thanks for the recommendation!

Whatever it night was full of listening to music and nothing else...hahahah! Day and night...a paradox to the highest degree!

Oh, and by the way...Bill Kaulitz is looking thinner and more eccentric by the day, it's kinda worrying...and please don't go cuckoo on us...please! He joined a fashion show recently looking very skinny, looking like a woman...I kid you not! I mean, I get the androgyny-chic fashion sense, but c'mon...there is such a thing as being OTT...even David Bowie wasn't THAT feminine...