Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First Post For 2010!!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

I started my year with a touch of optimism and a sense of gratitude...i have a feeling that 2010 is gonna be packed with things to do...and i'm ok with it!

Remembering was somewhat interesting, but not without it's challenges. But you know what? Whether good or bad, it passes...everything just eventually passes you by. I've failed to realize this principle in the past, but it has become my mantra in the recent years...everytime something bad happens, my mind goes, "This will pass..." But when something great happens, I just throw all caution in the wind and enjoy the moment...

So for 2010, what i hope to achieve is just in the's nice to look back...nice to look forward...but we experience the NOW, so...go figure! Carpe diem!

On another note...the trip to Paris thing is on a roll...God, by early May I could be doing what I've wanted to do in years...if y'all don't fuckin' know it by now, you can just eat my!

Just watched "(500) Days of Summer"...yes, i've had this movie in my hard drive for over a month and i'm only watching it now! Hurray for my procrastination!!! Hahahaha, it just reminds me of the time I forced my friends to watch "The Orphan"...all of them did (eventually), except me...and it's also on my hard drive...and I still haven't seen it!

Okay, back to the's one of those quirky and unconventional pseudo-love stories...I love it! Damn, I really loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance...truly felt the gut-wrenching hurt he felt when he finally discovers that his "lady love" just doesn't love him's pretty intense. He's a very good actor, and it doesn't hurt that he's hot! Hahahah...he has that quirky, geek appeal that I love...and of course, my must-have in a man--> a great smile with a nice pair of dimples!!! LOL!!!

But seriously, I love both Joseph and Zooey here...Zooey's performance as a cold yet endearing "bitch" (towards the 300th day) was totally believable, and she was just beautiful...

And this movie just refreshed my love for the Smiths' best song ever!!! Well, at least for me...'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want' is THE anthem for Tom's character...I've loved this song from the time I saw "Never Been Kissed" -- you know the prom scene? Yeah, that's the one! A very short song...but appropriate nonetheless! Morrissey's voice of desperation is in line with Tom's in the movie. Sigh...a perfect match! Well, maybe you don't know half the shit i'm yapping about, but at least i'm not talking about Tokio Hotel right? LMAO! I'm slowly withdrawing from my daily dose, mind you...

Okay, this is a long know how I tend to blabber non-stop!

Oh thesis! Shit...must meet supervisor by this week!!! Arrrggghhhhh!!! MUST DO more procrastinating!!!


Neo said...

hell yeah~arent we all enjoy the moment?? that what i always do in my whole life tho XP.
"it's like watching a rear mirror once a while,to look back at the past,and watch the road ahead for the future while enjoying every little songs in the car"..that's life metaphor for me~hahaha XP
your 1st post in 2010.. nice

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

woot! tanx, hehehe!