Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Days Pass Too Quickly...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Indeed, the days DO pass quickly...just yesterday we found out mom was pregnant...just yesterday, I was that naive girl who thought I will always be the bubbly, cheerful gal, with a great life...just yesterday!

What I found out throughout the years is suffering, disappointments, sadness...they come with life, as a package deal. However, with the bad, comes the good, right? I sure hope so. It seems when i'm most confident at achieveing something, a huge pile of disappointments comes along. My grades, my social life, my attitude...and i'm just 20!

I want to be someone better...and I sure hope I can, coz i've experienced a lot for someone my age. Now, all I want to do is to go to college and excel at it, make 'em proud of me, help take care of my baby sibling, and then, maybe serendipitously, find someone who'll accompany me in my life's journey.

I've been all by myself, I just don't know how to be with anyone...but i'll try if the right man comes along. Maybe it's karma for turning down the guys who liked me...who knows? I'm sure i've hurt them, but you can't clap with one hand, right? They were nice guys, but I just wanted them to be friends, and they couldn't handle that.

At least I was up front about games, no leading-ons. I'm happy about that! Just that maybe I wasn't ready, wasn't can't force thing like these.

Sigh, maybe i'm being punished...but I STILL ain't gonna settle for what I don't want! I'll know it's right when I feel it...

Isn't that what love's supposed to be?

(I've somehow strayed from the title! Lol!)