Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What Am I Today?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Am I a realist or an idealist?

I just can't seem to answer this freakin' question...I ALWAYS admit to people that i'm a realistic person, and I live in a realist mindset...and yet, I imagine a different life during my spare time!

Let me tell you, my imagination is so huge, I look at someone and create their life's story. Sometimes, i'd think of meeting the right man, falling in love, having a blast, getting married, having kids, achieving ambitions, supporting my parents, my new family, then dying...

You would think that's it, but I think of everything in between as well, Lol...My imagination...sigh! This, I see as a gift, coz without it, I'd be stuck in a rut, not knowing how i'll escape.

All these factors make me sum this up;

My imagination rocks! Thanks, God!

-A pointless post, but mehhh, whatever!-

PS: Oh...about my broken heel yesterday, I walked like a drunken sailor with a per for a leg!