Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MAF Ftw!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No...it's not the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry...MAF is an acronym for the coolest and sweetest bunch of peeps I know! LOL!

I'm shamelessly into Tokio Hotel...as you've already been told countless of times, heheh! Indeed, TH is my guilty pleasure!!! Many people think they're lame and stuff like that...my sister despises them, hahahah! But I really enjoy their music for the many reasons I've stated before!

So to think that they bought me TH's latest album for my birthday...it's just so...so...thoughtful! It's the thought that counts ok??? Even if you gave me some cheap mamak-stall lunch for my birthday, i'd still appreciate it...hahahaha! But of course this is waaaaay better! LMAO!

For my part, the moment Munik shoved a little bag onto my hands, I thought..."Awwww, thank you!"

Then I opened it...

...I was speechless for a few seconds, but I said a lot by my actions:

1. Shrieking like a 15 year-old stereotypical bimbotic high school chick
2. Jumping while wearing a kebaya (thank God nobody was around!)
3. Smiling from ear-to-ear; before that I was really in a bad mood

Then M says, "Sorry we couldn't get you any tickets..." Are you kidding? This thing you gave me says a lot ok?

To me, it says "We don't care how lame TH is, we bought it for you coz we know you love them!"

Thank you guys...you know I wanted to get the CD for so long, but never got to a chance to get it. The fact that YOU bought it makes it more valuable to meeee...why? 'Coz it's the sweetest thing!!! You bought it coz you know how much I love TH! That.is.the.sweetest.thing!!! Hahahaha...you girls have to sign it k!!!

Love ya!!!


Neo said...

nice~ ;) i wonder who can i find that have the same face as the tokio hotel's members~ ngeee XP
maybe it can be your surprise bday present for this year,hahaha,u've grown soo fast~~ wakkakaka.aunty!

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

I like originals...i don't do copies! Surpise me with Bill Kaulitz, and i'll owe u for life, hehehe!

I noe rite? So damn fast...OMG i'm 23 n have ntg to show for it! :0

Neo said...

well,u can try 2 measure ur boobs for a start...maybe it grew a bit since ur age is 23 od? haahaahaahahaah..

bill kaulitz rr..marilyn manson can? :P

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

I put on weight, so maybe they did...wtvrlah, i've come to accept them the way they are!

BILL...ich liebe Bill!!!