Friday, April 23, 2010

Funny...Or Just Plain Weird?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Well, you know i'm your average university student...I haven't been sleeping at the right hours lately (as if I ever did!) due know, THESIS DEADLINE...ARRRGGGHHHH!

So, it's 6.30 in the morning...i'm skimming through pages of "CGE Model used as an economic forecast of a possible FTA"...and my mind just won't let me read I skip to the next task...Environmental Politics *double yucks*, thank you very much!!! Then I realize, why the hell are there so many bugs in my room? Yes, I do normally leave my windows open 24/7 unless I go home...I need proper ventilation and I hate stuffiness! Ok, the bugs...guess the rain made them seek refuge in my room. Bugs...a variety of little bugs...crawling on the 4 walls that surround me...harmless, i'm sure...but annoying nonetheless!!!

So I get the Shieldtox and kill 'em all!!! Then, I see a whole bunch of them drop dead on my floor...and that's including the mother-effin' bee that's been buzzing around the fluorescent lightbulb!

"YESSSS...gotcha, little biatch!!!" But, wait...

The bug display on the floor can't be left just like that, right? So I start sweeping my whole room floor like the mad girl that I am...moving things here and there, sweeping under the table and's almost 7 in the morning and i'm still not sleepy. So, without thinking twice, I head outside for the mop...and i'm mopping the floor at 6.50 am. Now my room is clean and dust-free...smells great too, since it's the purple Ajax I stole from's much better than the brand I have here.

So story. It's 7.10 and I still don't feel a tad sleepy. Maybe i'll try to finish up this Environmental Policy assignment which I luuuuuurrrvvvveee so much! -_____-

Herein ends the awkward tale of my bug massacre+sweeping+mopping trifecta. Hope you liked it. Thank you and have a nice day.


Neo said...

tsk2,dari buat keje,jadik lady-bug-killer.. hahahha..mmg sengal~

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Self-confessed ADD girl speaking: Focusing for more than an hour is a breakthrough for me! It's hard!!!

PS: I don't kill ladybugs...they're too pretty. Don't waste the pretty.

Neo said...

hahhahh..dah ko sembur2 tuh,ngan ladybug n menbug smua mati