Thursday, April 01, 2010

What Is Happening???

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Why is everyone getting married/engaged??? Did I miss something here? I know, I know...we are in our early 20s, and of course...i'm not throwing any sort of judgment whatsoever...but damn! How can it be so many people at the same time? Who are my age!!!

People you never thought would settle down are settling...and I remember exactly how they were when they were much younger...I remember it all! But now, they're going and getting themselves hitched. I don't know why, but I tend to think women give up a lot of their dreams when they marry. Why? Because they will go on and spawn...then, their kids become the priority.

I am in no way saying that you can't achieve anything when you have children...but i'm saying that a small part of you or who you were dies when you hear the cry of your firstborn. You may be much happier than you ever imagined, but that part of you who was a little bit selfish; the good kind, the kind that thinks of their happiness melts away, unveiling selflessness...then, all the dreams you had of reaching your fullest potential will be put in the back burner...

Don't you want to travel the world...experience different cultures...find yourself...reach your limits...go on a high-adrenaline adventure right before going to that place where your new home is to live with your partner with ultimate bliss, knowing that NOW you can be with them, body, mind and soul and have no regrets?

What I am now is scared...scared that I may fall in love, get married, have children...and end up resenting the fact that I didn't chase my dreams or reach my potential. I'm scared for myself...perhaps this is the reason I am so afraid of marriage. Commitment? Well, i'm not that afraid...not unless it leads to marriage...then i'm doomed!

Okay...finally I discover the "why?" to my problem...thank you marriage aka 'mating' season for helping me find the answer!

Now those who are in love or those who are engaged and stuff...please don't take it against me. I'm just saying what I think...after all, this is MY blog...maybe in the future, I would be the one who would have to eat my own words, but for now...this is how my mind is going! Sorry...

Have a great April Fool's Day, everyone!!! ;D


NightFox said...

Hey, I'm single and am happy and contented about it :D

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

GOOD!!! I wish some of our friends were like this...actually, some of my bestest friends are...but yeah, others aren't!

PS: Most of our schoolmates are either engaged/mothers/fathers/married!!! Can you believe this??? I feel so old!!! LOL...