Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I Just Love It...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Been watching the Godfather series (I and II - coz those are the two that matter, hahaha!) again and again...damn, I love it so much!!! The story, the dynamics of the roles...the calculating cunningness of the Dons Corleone...the cinematography...everything!!!

Just watching the rise of Michael to the head of the Cosa Nostra gets me all hooked and stuff...heck, I even disregarded my thesis...fuck!!! Michael starts off as a young buck with no hope of joining in the family business. In fact, he enlists in the Marine Corps, which everyone hates (except Fredo)...but then (to cut things short) he is faced with unavoidable and unexpected circumstances where we witness his rise to power and becomes the new Don by killing all the heads of the other mafia as to avoid being killed himself.

The second one, we now focus on Vito's young days and the current Don Michael Corleone's personal journey throughout the movie...while we see Vito's rise, we also see Michael betrayed and left by everyone he thought highly of...and towards the end, he has no-one...except maybe his kids...and Tom Hagen (one of my favorite characters in the movie).

His wife played by Diane Keaton was boring...blah! But Talia Shire was great as his sister...and so was James Caan as Sonny, Robert Duvall as Tom and also John Cazale as Fredo!!! And who could forget, Marlon Brando as Don Vito...with his stuffed cheeks and unforgettable voice...heck, I imitate the Don all the time (to some friends who are fans as well), hehehe! And lines you hear in the real world...they're all taken from here!!! Believe it, people!!!

In all the 'hits' in both movies, I kinda felt sorry for Fredo...hated that he had to!!! Oh, and the time Sonny gets killed at the!!! The 'hits' I loved were the those which were featured in the final killing montage at the end of Godfather I...a masterpiece I must say!

Now I remembered watching Godfather III, but I can't seem to recall the story...all I can remember is that is sucks...oh, I also remember Andy Garcia...that's it...but hearing that it sucks just gives credibility to my assumption. Hmmmm, I can't remember the movie, but I'm certain that it sucks...LMAO! Wtf... I love Pacino...sue me! He was sooo hot...heck, to me he's still hot!!! Hahahaha, hot old method-man! I totally love his movies...Godfather, Scarface, ...And Justice for All, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Scent of A Woman, Frankie and Johnny, ahhhhh...there's just too many!!! Okok...I love ALL of his movies!!! ALL of 'em...yes...even Ocean's 13 AND Devil's Advocate...hehehe! Angels In America too (he did such a good job in this miniseries!!!)

Ok...was talking about the Godfather...why did I end up talking about Pacino's movie bio? Typical!!!