Monday, April 26, 2010

Nothing Else To Write About...But Who Cares?

Monday, April 26, 2010

I just realized that I can't just go out for a drive in the wee hours of the morning anymore...why? Coz mom friggin' changed her car to some bigger car...and she's so paranoid that I might scratch it or hit something, that now I'M the one who's scared to drive it... :/

So much for wanting to sneak out for a 4-something Mickey D brekkie (which I enjoy more than the lunch!)...damn, I miss that small car!!! Bad choice in changing cars, mom...bad choice! It was so practical and efficient...and you saved loads on gas!

I'm so hungry right now...oh yeah, mom bought an itty-bitty waffle-maker...I came home the other day and started jumping like a fcukin' retard when I saw it...Yeah, I was in ultimate bliss, but also in 'jakun' mode, hehehe...

Now I can make waffles any time I want!!! Woohoo...need to brush up on making the perfect waffle...from scratch! Heheheh...

Off to hunt for food and ransack the kitchen...fridge, here I come!

UPDATE: Just talking bout waffles...I couldn't help but give in to my I had to make the batter (super lazy though!!!) but I cheated and used that Pillsbury mix instead...still tasted like waffles, so nothing to it...and of course, ya gots to add de butta and maple syrup...and "hallelujah!!!" Once you take that first bite... :P


Neo said...

da mcm pontianak mlm2 lapo..ngong... keter ape yg besaw tu erk?alphard ke??

waffle maker??wow~~ best2..ley laa ko jual kt dpn rumah...hahahah

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

It's not a HUGE car like a hummer or Benz laaaa...but it's bigger la. Hahaah, proton ar, pe lagi!

Omg, tak thn dowh ckp psl waffle...mengidam...baru buat td, hehehe! Oooh, gotta post an update!!!

Neo said...

ahhahahah..well,da namenye pon HUGE~ alphard is HUGE woi~ hummer n benz is not HUGE,it's exectve car~
anyway,good2,aku baru je makan waffle A&W smlm~ lol..buat lah byk2,aku nk isi peanut butter,butter,choc,honey~ mix smua~!

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Huge for me laaa...ak kan pendek! Dude, how long can the legs of a 5'1 girl be? LMAO! Any car other than minis are HUGE! :P

Well, at least i don't disappear when you look in the car, heheh!

Hahaha, k la! Jap g ak bwk...(padahal dh balik uni)