Thursday, September 03, 2009

Of Instant Noodles & Being A Nomad...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The above pic has been a staple to me since Ramadhan started, and today...*Hallelujah!!!* I went and bought rice for dinner...i don't regret trying this Kimchi tastes great (to me), and it contains little pieces of Kimchi veggies...yum!!! No regrets...this is one of the reasons i try strange stuff. At least if it's bad, you don't buy it again, and if it's know you'll want it again!

One of the reasons i don't buy proper meals anymore is coz:

1.The cafe doesn't serve food for non-Muslims during Ramadhan...whatever they serve are leftovers from the sahur our friends had in the the time lunch hour comes, it looks like dogfood!!! Yucks!!!

2.The cafe is so damn far from Block 12, i literally get too's an uphill walk, and i'm a lazy figure! I'm lazy...So there!

I took the liberty of applying for the new block, thanks to M's support...which means, i'll have to move for the 3rd time this semester! I don't really care for the moving, but i have to coz i hate that i'm never room is my private+comfort zone, and i love being alone after the whole day of mixing around with people...sometimes, you just need that alone time, right?

Besides, i hate having to put my radio alarm to waste...since having a roommate, i haven't listened to the radio coz i'm afraid i will seem too inconsiderate...she's nice, but i just can't live with another person.

And Block 12's communal bathroom? Filthy! The garbage bins are overloaded...the mozzies are on rampage...uggghhhh!!! Oh, did i mention that the vending machine swallowed all my money and didn't give it back? Fuck you, nasty machine!!! I want my drink, dickwad!!!

So i'll have to force Dad to bring his car to move my things, coz i sure can't do it myself like the last time...blocks 3 and 12 are too far apart...literally, both are at different corners! So i'm sorry, Dad, for this inconvenience! But i have to if i wanna have my privacy...besides, it'll be easy if friends come for slumber parties...i won't need to worry about my roomie and stuff like that!

The smell of the new room in Block 3? Like new! What do you expect from a newly-built block? Needs some getting use to...but i'll manage! The lady-in-charge said that we'll move back to Block 10 at the start of the next semester...GREAT...I can't wait!!! Miss my old room :'(

So again...i'll be carrying my stuff down the stairs...driving to the new block, bringing 'em up and down the stairs...again! Geez, at this rate, i BETTER be losing at least a few lbs...LOL!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Toodlez, bitches!


NightFox said...

Roommate-less is the way to go! Lol. Too bad for me I didn't have the chance to experience it...boohoo!

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Lol! Indeed it is THE way!!! Kesian foxie...well, if u move out? LOL!!! Unlikely, yet possible!!!

Seriously, i noe it's a little selfish, but wen u have a long day, u juz wanna go back to YOUR sanctuary n jus have the moment to yourself...simple as dat!