Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Pain & Other Distractions

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm gonna start whining again (like as if I do anything else!)...

I have an impacted wisdom tooth...OMG, the pain is too annoying! Two wisdom teeth erupted from my gums around a month or two months back. That wasn't a problem. I even took preventive measures to hinder any gum infection. Flossed, brushed more than twice a day, used Listerine...I am a freak when it comes to cleaning my teeth actually, sometimes it's scary how I fuss over them.

My wisdom tooth on my top jaw is fine (don't wanna jinx it though!)...grew without a prob. The bottom one, however...OMG. It grew, alright. The problem is, it didn't cut through the whole way. Only 3/4 of the tooth seemed to be 'out'...the rest is still under a gum flap.

The gum flap is a serves as a source of pain, and though it hasn't been infected by any infection (???) as of yet...I can't be sure it could last long. The pain is probably coz the upper tooth hits the gum flap when I chew...and now, it has a partner in jaw! Damn jaw is painful...probably because I keep opening my mouth to check on that fuckin' tooth all the way back.

Now I can't open it anymore...well, not exactly...I still can open it big enough to eat. Need a dentist asap! Will probably go in the morning, but's kinda scary considering I have exams the next morning! SHIT!!!

I have an assignment which isn't done yet...i'm scared! Hope that I finish it soon, as the due date is on the 19th. Sometimes home acts as an ENABLER to my addictions...TV & WiFi! And of course, the never-ending distractions--baby, food, chores, TV & WiFi! Just when I think I could study and/or finish an assignment...Damn!


aprilgirl87 said...

Yo, all the best in the finals...

May your toothache caused by wisdom tooth begone!

ledzeppelin4evr said... ain't gone...didn't go to the dentist as planned, but i hope it'll gimme some knowledge...geddit? 'Wisdom'?

I know...lame! Sorry.