Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Inspired by Humility - Obama!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I would like to congratulate the US of A on Obama's win. OMG, he won with such grace, that I somehow felt so thrilled for the Americans...


To see how he played down the fact that;
  • The first African-American man (well...half) has become the Commander in Chief AND
  • The fact that the Democrats now hold more seats in the Congress

...has made me respect him even more. It's formidable that a poll by CNN showed that it wasn't about race. It shows that the color of your skin surpasses everything. It's amazing, considering the history of the African-Americans; slavery, discrimination, no voting rights, the KKK...think about what Dr. Martin Luther King would say if he was alive! This is a full circle right here!

His speech also was a reminder that this win is NOT the victory they are talking about...this, as Obama said, was JUST a stepping stone to a bigger purpose. I think, he comes from a background that makes him understand the hardships of the average American family. He keeps talking about 'the people', which is good. He talks about working together with the people, even extending a hand to the GOP and its supporters...praising his adversary, McCain...

Grace, baby...grace is what he has!

I spotted a crying Rev. Jesse Jackson and Oprah in the crowd. Don't know what it is, but Obama's speeches tend to strike a chord with the people...heck, even I felt chills hearing it.

Although i'm nowhere near the US, i am still happy for the American people, and wish her luck for the change that Obama promises...i await for the betterment of your healthcare, your school system, your spreading of the wealth...your image in the global arena. I hope that he WILL get the job done, and not just be another disappointment.

US affects the world...whether we like it or not, many countries are interdependent...and USA is the center of these interlocking states.

I'm guessing everyone felt a bit like an American today! Why would we feel so happy then? Maybe it's because it inspires us...makes me wonder how long will my own country be this way...i'm just saying:

We have a long way to go before we get to where America is. Maybe we wouldn't even get there. We are too self-involved to be selfless, to corrupt than preoccupied with preserving the status quo than to be going forward. This, my friends will remain the shackles that will forever hold us on a cyclical position...a never-ending cycle of insecurities, prejudices and containment of the minds...we have many, many, many years to go!