Thursday, December 24, 2009

Past, Present, Future & My Two Cents...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Right now, i am happy...thank you for this year! It has been wonderful (towards the end) mainly because i am fortunate enough to be with my is the FIRST time the five of us are together...

I don't know why, but i feel like the next year will be just fine. I know i always get a hunch about certain things that may come true...or maybe wishes and thought manifesting into reality...but yeah, i think 2010 is going to be a good year.

I also feel like something good is going to happen to me...don't know why, but i do. Geez, i know it seems crazy, but i don't know why i feel this way. I think i've been reading too many books on self-growth and happiness...i'm finally seeing the silver lining in the things around me.

On another note...

A friend of mine never fails to make me feel like a minute, that person complains about the bane of having a dickwad for a partner...the next minute...back with the said jerk. I mean what the hell, right? Please don't go asking me shit if you're not gonna get just pisses me off how you could let a person treat you like shit. Love is not blind...if you love yourself enough, it should open your eyes.

Ok, done with that moment of toxic negativity...yes, it is bloody toxic...and i shall leave it right now and never open up about this again. You wanna talk about stuff like this with me again, i'll give you a piece of my mind just like i did before...and you may or may not repeat the cycle. People can claim they love you...but if you don't start loving may never see the truth.

Funny how i just feed you with oxymoronic themes, eh? Well, these are just my 2 cents don't have to agree. I'm just sayin'...

To a good year ahead...cheers! Salut! Toodlez, bitches!


Neo said...

2009 got your name all over it!! hoorahh to G!!!my sweetest fat-angel whom i will never ever let her out of my life,offline or on9.. :D
yeah,your a psychic~ ;) even if you're not,you're optimistic and it's rare to find a person like u babe ;)
(It's d end of the year so dnt bother asking wth i compliment u this time :P)
anyway,there's a paragraph which...well,made me curious..about a friend of yours.. huhu,hope we can chat smoothly like we did before(+with my fckin crazy internet line nowadays + my FYP in d corner)..
anyway,yeah,i hope in 2010,29th of April, i still breathing n have a chance to have a make-georjie-freak-out-face-again event :P

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Tqtq! My "fat" is only healthy, not morbidly obese+old like u...LMFAO!
Well, whatever it is...appreciate ur kind words...and nowadays, i try to accept compliment as given by people...whether sincere or not! Hahah!
About that paragraph...can't tell u la...sorry! Let it drive me and me alone off the wall. :/
PS: don't even think about it or u'll get a kick in the the surprises for the missus, k!

Neo said...

lol,my missus n my jackass-flat-girl is 2 different thing aite? u wanna kick my groin??u sure?jst wear protection aite?? hahahahahahahahaha..
It is always a pleasure to let u drive alone to the wall~~but it's also my pleasure to knock u off the wall as well!!hahaha :P jk jk...well, dnt wrry coz i noe u would noe wut to do :)
but i will always here to help u :)