Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year, New Term, New New New!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Okay, so it's been a long time since i've updated...sorry bout that. But one thing is, i feel rejuvenated, people!!! I am now back in my campus, and I already miss my baby sister's singing and dancing...well, she's a little entertainer, that girl...and it never fails to make me smile and even laugh after a shitty day!

What else is happening? I am continuing with my 3rd level French, since I love it!

And love = an A!


But now i'm adding up Mandarin in my list of foreign languages. I must tell you, today was my 1st day, and I was in a daze...seriously, everything learnt in Mandarin class was a blur, it's like a culture shock! Th pinyin, the tones and different vowels and consonants...ZOMG! French is a hundred times easier than Mandarin, OMG!!! The horror, the regret!!!


I wanted to take Mandarin because China is the rising superpower, and Mandarin is a crucial language to learn...also because of it's smooth-sounding words...i love it! But nothing is easy at 1st, right? Well, i'm up for it! I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! Besides, it's only the first day...

New year hit me like a ton of bricks, and dad were not home, so I decided to take charge for my younger sisters...I made us some Fetuccini Carbonara (a big hit...sisters and friend wanted more, hahaha)...R (mid sister) made some garlic bread...and we drank some Heineken and Pink Vodka. Some new year, huh? Well, at least we all love each other even though work prohibits family time. And...and...we have our health...and happiness!!!

Now for the new term, i'm gonna try to take care of my health more...i stopped my blog updates due to a moment of sickness which then led to laziness...u know the story...the low b.p., the not eating and feeling faint and all that crap!

So for now, I should learn to take care of my health more. AND I MUST START DRINKING WATER!!!

I don't know why in the world I hate drinking's weird, and it's taking a toll on my has been attacked by an eruption of pimples...lesson learnt, but it's cut short by caffeine fixes! MUST MUST MUST DRINK WATER!!!

So, oh yeah...went and did my passport (finally!) so my family and I can finally go to the Philippines to visit my family there and learn about my heritage and all...maybe down the road i could start travelling? Oh God, may it be...


Neo said...

low B.P..omg!!my old time wonder wut makes my b.p normal again?maybe being a stress n tense student,my heart pumps too much blood??haha,wtf,i shudnt be a doctor!) btw,waaa,i want 2 eat ur carbonara!!!omg omg,im craving 4 it!! :P

ledzeppelin4evr said...

So does everyone else! Lol!