Sunday, December 02, 2007

I Heart TWIX, and I Got Stuck!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Don't get me wrong, it's not something nasty, if you know what i mean... i mean the candy bar, Twix! Okay, so i've loved it for a long time now, but i've never professed it! Lol!

In real news, i chopped my long hair off, for a shorter, layered, with the old highlights, i think i look younger...but one thing i hate is the cut is sorta Cameron D., which i'm not into, but i guess i'll grow into it! It's been straightened too! Sigh, the lengths women go through...(no pun intended!)

Oh, but you don't know the interesting part...first off; it was a friday, and every friday, this particular night market opens through the whole neighborhood...Flashback to early in the day; i parked my car (mom's car) in that spot, not realizing anything, as it was still early.

5 hours on, i still didn't realize...till i went to get the car, and i was blocked and surrounded by the night market stalls...Luckily, my friend was there, as my sister took the liberty of riding in her boyfriend's car! What is a girl to do? What else, but have a panic attack!!!

Finally, seeing my whole traumatized face, a kind DVD peddler, who happened to be blocking my car took pity, and went all the way to the end to tell them to move their stalls to the side so my car could get through...

As i shifted my car slowly, i was so relieved that, although they were pissed, they were kind enough to take pity this idiot, who made a simple mistake...i'm so lucky i'm a good driver, and deftly took the car through this 'tunnel of shame' without damage...

After proclaiming "Holy Jesus Christ!" around a thousand times, i managed to get outta there, thanking everyone with my wound-down window screen while apologizing. My friend was totally shut down, flabbergasted, wondering how i could manage to get the car through the small never in a million years could she manage that...

I proclaimed that i was a good driver, but i didn't have a good brain in my head (sometimes, in cases like this!)

So, after getting out, i thanked the people, and thanked the LORD!!! Phew!!! I swore that i'd never tell mom and dad what happened. My sis and her bf were supposed to help, but, guess we didn't need any! The secret's safe with them!

Thank you, Jesus!!!!!!!!!!



LifeSux@NightFox said...

Wow, I wouldn't know what to do if that happen to me...well, technically, it won't happen to me as long as I don't drive. Lol. I envy you, man. My dad wouldn't let me drive his car!