Thursday, December 06, 2007

Full-time Babysitter...For Real!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

So far, i haven't been able to do a single subtitling project...i'm so busy with taking care of my baby sister, since the nanny decided to go back to her homeland. So now, while waiting for another future maid to come along (someone we know from the Phils.), i'm taking care of her!

Great, i love my sister to death! She's such a naughty one, this girl...i think she'll turn out crazy like me...hahaha! She's teething now, so it's quite a tough period now...with xmas around the corner, i'm on a pretty hectic schedule.

Well, c'est la vie...i'm 20, so i should be so lucky that i can practice taking care of my sister to apply it to my future babes i'll have next time (in like a few decades!!!!!)

Am going out this Saturday...haven't been out for a while now...always being at home has made me fearful of the world we live in...rape, torture, bitchfests, gossip...the world is getting ugly! I don't want an ugly world for my sister, my future children, and future generations. But what could someone like me do?

The only way you could say something remotely inflential is if you had loads of money+power, or if you are a celebrity. Mediocre, young'uns like me can only hope to attain certain status just to be heard, just to pull people to do something good. But, i'm still a student, in a humble (or maybe even below-par) university.

I know I can make it somehow, but i'm afraid that power or money would change me, as it always does to people.

Maybe i'm making too much out of nothing? Yes...maybe!