Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Can't...I'm Not Ready! vs Busting My Ass!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I truly can't believe my classes start on New Year's Eve!


How could this be? I have to go back, and come home for the countdown? Oh, shizzz...absolute shizz!

Anywayz, how in the world does the time pass so quickly? Just yesterday, I was registering for university, and semester has gone...

Wanna know something? My sister's godfather, some rich hotshot-dude ofered to pay for her higher education...he tells her not to pick a lame college, but a good one. Wow! Plus, he offers to buy her a car!

I'm like, WTF? I'm kinda mad, coz i sorta bust my ass to get a place in a government university, whereas, she barely gets her high school certification results, an she's offered free tuition for a private college, a car, and a guaranteed job at his company...she's also offered her godfather's list of clientelle, if he should retire...all in the same year!

And again, i'm like...WTF?

How fair and just the world this a test for me, that she gets everything on a platter, and i must bust my ass for years?

Hmmmm...makes me wonder!


Neo said...

coz GOD noe's ur a 1 tough gal!!i mean,when u feel d pain more,u will gain more someday..GOD works in a mysterious way,we jst have 2 find it out ourself smtimes~maybe u'll be rich,maybe u'll be happy,maybe,u'll handle any problems dat u faced someday,easier than anybody dat lived in comfort zone 4 a long time..huhu..dont always compare wut GOD gave to others..its their rezeki/GOD's gift..jst be thankful and glad dat (esp ur sis) her get 2 live comfortly..coz if she dosnt,i think,(jst a brink of a tot)i think,u r d 1 whos goin 2 feel d pain in d ass.rite? :)

ledzeppelin4evr said...

U're rite...i don't feel dat way anymore la...i realized, that maybe she gets it all because she's not as 'strong' before...

But now, she's changed for the better, seriously. Proud of that big-assed sister of mine...heheh!