Monday, November 26, 2007

Malaysian Demonstrations---What I Think

Monday, November 26, 2007

The ever so popular HINDRAF is getting a lot of press since the demonstrations lately...I for one have this to say...

Malaysia is respected throughout the world as a country of multiple races, religions and cultures. I love it! We have been making a mark for the year 2007. But what I am really not happy about is this; you request the Queen of England to represent you AGAINST Her Majesty's own government for the exploitation done amongst the Indians brought into Malaysia more than 50 years ago...demanding trillions of dollars?

What? You know something...that's why we are not getting anywhere.The only way we get somewhere in life is the hard working hard, playing hard, and getting our jobs done! I appreciate that the Indians stand for something together as one...but this? Suing the British government? Now, at this moment? My hats off for your audacity, but...Maybe i am a little sceptical...NO, i am very very cynical about this...It will never go down that way. No British gov is gonna pay trillions for that!

And despite all the news, there was no violence on the Indians' part...they were all adamant on having a peaceful demonstration, till tear gas was thrown to disperse the crowds. Maybe all they wanted was the world to hear their woes...

What I will say for sure is...sometimes, when things are too good in a certain country, you kinda take the peace for granted. That's all I have to say for now. I just wish that instead of asking for money, we as a people should learn to slowly diffuse this ticking timebomb...every single issue here could invite danger, and that is why we should choose our battles, hold talks as intellectuals for the people, and not be like 'the blind leading the blind'.


Neo said...

yeah,Hindraf thing is classic!but i tend 2 ask alot from my indian frens n guess wut..they just laugh,coz of the almost-stupid-demand thing..its like,OMG?wtf??its not their ancestor who demand for it.n hey,come this what u called multi-racial,while some of the race are fighting over,because they were 'brought' here..??lol..d funny thing is,most of the protestor,dnt even noe,wut the hell they're protesting bout?wut they noe,hey,its our men out there,we must help YOUR men,dude,arent we all malaysian?so wut ur indian,u prefer saying dat ur indian from INDIA?or prefer saying that hey,im from malaysia..and i am a malysian!!which 1 do they choose..duh~