Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OMG, Could This Network Be Any Slower???

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Please don't tell me everytime I want to login to my web stuff, i'll have to wait for hours!!!

Life here in campus ain't so bad, though...i've made a few friends, and lost a few, since we don't hangout as much...

I miss my family like hell!!! And I can't wait to get back on Thursday, hangout with my bestest best friend to watch you-know-what; the all-grown-up wizard with the unusually bushy brows, and a weird fetish for horses...LOL!!!

I feel so isolated in this uni, though...I just don't get living outside of the city...I can't imagine some people settling for solitary lives in rural areas, but hey...different strokes, eh? I respect that!

Cute guys, you say? NIL...absolute zero...but i'm not looking! (Yeah, right...)

People just can't comprehend that i've never had a boyfriend...I sure could...i've been alone all this while and good at it to let some guy come spoil it all---independence, baby!!!

Every night, i'm gonna gather up some gals to go hangout at the hawker stalls provided here...yeehaw!

Then, one of my friends had to tell me about hauntings in the girls' dorm...and she fuckin' knew that I was all alone in my room; no roomate! But, you know...I always pray, and I have a strong heart, so, although I act all scared and stuff, I know there's always something there to protect know, GOD!

So that's all for now...the only reason I was up to blogging today was because my Sony Walkman was running out of battery, and needs to be recharged...well, it looks as if it's full now, so buhbye!!!