Sunday, July 08, 2007

After "The Week"

Sunday, July 08, 2007

So, how has everybody been doing so far?

Gosh, i've never had a more hectic+exciting+excruciating+adrenaline-pumping week, ever!

I'm back home for the day, and i'll be going back tomorrow morning, as lecture starts in the afternoon. Yay, I don't have to wear formal attire for lectures! But let's get down to the deets of the past orientation week!

I had my doubts about the "no ragging policy", believe me! However, I was pleasantly surprised at the rate the facilitators of the program, a.k.a. the seniors took to care for us newbies...

They really really took care of us, without getting anything in return...except, gaining our respect, for they had everything planned to fit the whole agenda.

So, this uni has 12 different hostels, which are called colleges (weird, huh?). I'm placed in one of the top! The first day of orientation week, which is called 'Minggu Mesra Mahasiswa/i', or "Scholars' Week of Pleasantry" (or something of that sort! Sorry, no time for proper translation...)

We were taught all sorts of traditions practised on the first day...and believe it or not, I fell in love with my college...geez, for everything to do with my college, me and my fellow college mates clapped and cheered and sang our college songs, booed at other colleges, had all sorts of fun, till our seniors had to shed tears of joy, seeing how we were so enthusiastic...

I got sick on one of those 7 days, but I decided to call in a little late to attend a they sent two seniors to take me there...what nice people!

The only thing I hate is that, being overzealous, I became 3 tones darker...FUCK! We had sports activities on one of the days, so we had aerobics in the morning...that made me one tone darker...THEN, we had to run for 5km in the blazing sun, and I, being the overzealous bitch that I am, had to go all the way...and ended up getting super-duper sunburnt!

Then, I had to walk for more than 2km to get to some places, and got sunburnt even more, even while wearing a cap! If I wear a plunging neckline, you could see a big difference...gosh, I look weird! I'm okay with being dark, but when there is a difference between your face and neck with your chest, it can be of my face have different tones now!!! Geez, i'll have to wait for...I dunno, a few months till it gets back to normal?

Another thing, the freakin' campus is soooooo gargantuan, we have shuttle services to get everywhere...

What else? My credits taken for the first semester...only 15! I have three days of lectures...and on Saturdays, I have to get to the Students' Club, which i've taken as a credit (it's compulsory to take co-curricular activity as a credit)...

I've joined a few sports clubs, which goes through elimination, so I picked more than one, just in case I suck at one of them (or two!)...I picked:

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Tenpin Bowling

Challenging? Bring it on, bitches!!!

Plus, my uni has all the facilities you could ever ask for...imagine...a golf resort, bowling alley, olympic-sized swimming pool, tracks, fields, squash court, tennis court, hospital, huge-ass library...etc!

OMG, I gotta go now, more details in the next post! More, more, more! For now, i'm happy to be home with my family...missed them soooo much! Baby is so big now, even after just a week!

P.S. : My cellphone network sucks at the university's vicinity! Shit!