Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stop This Shit!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I have this problem. This guy keeps pestering me by calling, sending me SMSes. Even anonymous ones (I know it's definitely him), and frankly, it's beginning to scare me. He and i became friends when i worked at some place. JUST friends, and i make it clear, every time. Yet, he kept calling me, and calling me, and calling me...

Now that I left that place (which was around, i dunno, 2 years ago!), i thought he would just get fed up with all the calls he's been giving me, seeing that i don't pick up when i see his number.

Ok, so he stopped for awhile, and i was sooooo happy. Now, recently, a mysterious number appeared on my cell, so i answered, and what do you know, there he was! Oh shit! I couldn't say anything, so i talked out of courtesy. I did NOT lead him on or anything...just remained curt and polite!

Yesterday, he sent me an SMS, begging me to send him my photo, and it sickened me! I said, "NO! I do not send out my photo to ANYBODY!" to which he replied, "Please, do this for me...and i'll send you mine." I replied, "X", for no...and he didn't send anything else. I hope he got the message.

Some people just get on my nerves. Why don't they get the message? (no pun intended) Besides, never in my life have i met someone like this...I smelled desperation+dependency on him from day one. So, please avoid being friends with these kinds of people, who can't get a clue, can't get a life, and yada yada yada...

Why do i feel that i have this magnet for these kinds of people? Why can't i attract someone i could be in love with, like, or even get along with? Aaaarrrggghhh!!! I always, always, always attract people i don't like!!!

Please let this guy find somebody who will love him, someone he deserves...NOT me! And let him be gone from my life!

NOW, i say...BEGONE, you mo' fo'...BEGONE!!!