Friday, February 09, 2007

My Guardian Angel Saved Me

Friday, February 09, 2007

So I followed mom to the supermarket after work...poor mom looked like she could pop the baby out at any minute (only 5 and 3/4 months, and she's sooo big!)...Went to buy stuff for cooking and basic necessities.

Goin' back home, i carried most of the stuff. I'm 5 ft 2, but very VERY often, i'm hailed a strong little boy by my dad (He thought i was a boy when they looked at the ultrasound) and often carry heavy things, fix electronic appliances at home, yada yada yada...but that's another story! Will follow up on that on the next post...

So, we were walkin' down the stairs. Just before that, i told my mom to be careful while goin' down. Then the ironic thing happened (READ: Life's Sick Lil' Games!)...I almost fell down!

Wtf? All the groceries (very heavy!) I was carrying fell from my hands, as my fuckin' medium high-heels got caught on the foldings of my jeans, makin' me tip over.

Gawd!!! I swear, i would have or could have fallen down flat on my face, broken my neck, my nose, my chin, etc if it wasn't for my guardian angel! I was carrying canned stuff, and you should've seen the dents caused by the fall. Those stairs are high!

The thing is, somehow, i did NOT fall over...I just didn't! I should've, but didn't! I'm very lucky, very VERY lucky! If you saw the staircase, and how i tripped, you would've seen that a resulting fall would've had me bite the dust!

So now, after always hearing people being saved by their guardian angels, i could say that I too, have been saved by mine!

Thank you, my guardian angel, thank you! I'm sure that you've saved me many a times, but this time, I realized it! So, thank you...God bless!