Monday, October 12, 2009

Cryin' for "Life Is Beautiful" Like Nobody's Business!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I just finished watching Life Is Beautiful, that Oscar-winning Italian movie that came out in the late '90s...and i've gotta say this...i cried like i've never cried before...for a damn movie!

OMG...the ending, especially, when the little boy was reunited with his mom...Roberto Benigni deserved his Oscar...and his wife on the movie is his wife in real-life too! She was good too, but the boy really stole her thunder, IMO...he wasn't just adorable, he was so right for the role and the boy can act very well, i might say!

It felt nice...the whole movie was amazing. Definitely adding it to my list of favorites!

Hey, it's never too late too watch a movie, no matter how old it is, right? At least i've unleashed years of not being able to shed a tear! What did it? A freakin' movie!

Well, at least it was an amazing least! Watch it...if you don't feel anything at all towards the end of the movie, you are full of shit!