Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arthur's Day Nite & Beyond...Finally, I've Some Time To Spare!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sooooo, how now brown cow? It's been so long since i've blogged for real...all this has made me miss writing even more...

So i shall start by telling the story of our adventures in Sunway Lagoon's event -- Arthur's Day! I have to say, it was a mixture of good and bad experiences...

Firstly, we were running late! My 2-year-old sis was having a cold, so we had to rush in order to buy her meds at the pharmacy...then, we were off!

On the way, my sis passed a double which she decided to pay at the second one ahead (as it displayed the green light), but...the 1st pole went down upon the car! OMFG! My sis and our friend were furious at the woman for such foolishness. At the same time, the woman was mad at my sis for not stopping! I, on the other hand was super stunned and remained quiet, coz secretly, i thought my sister should just STFU at the woman coz we were already running late, and after i checked the top of the car, no scratches or dents were found (thank God!)...but i so wanna forget that incident coz seriously...just plain "Ugggghhhh!!!"

Ok so after that, we all got into an argument about where to park, what if we were overdressed, what to eat, who should drive back, etc...

We had a hard time looking for parking, as it was extremely full! After finding a spot, the next thing was looking for the entrance! Then, it was a task of looking for the ticket booth! OMFG...and of course, my idiot of a sister had to stop for frequent smoking! Which was a total mood-killer! I hate it so freakin' much! I just hate it!!! It stuck to my hair and clothes the whole night!

After successfully redeeming our tickets, we went was a loooooong way! We reached on the location after a long way! Thank God i was wearing espadrilles, which were easy to walk in! Hahahaha, but some women stupidly wore stilettos...what were they thinking? It was a freakin' concert okay? LOL!

Upon reaching, there were some performances from locals and international artists...but of course, I was there to see the Black Eyed Peas, as were many other peeps. So while waiting, we sat around, tried some Guiness stout from the draft (which was good, i must say...not bitter, just smooth with a hint of smoky aftertaste...i liked it very much! But c'mon, VIP passes got you into free-flow area, which was a total buzz-killer for us who had to pay RM 100++ per ticket! So i just drank one glass! Those mothereffers!!!)

Then we chilled at the back, where there were little people...near the beach pool...two guys approached, hitting us with one-liners (which was so lame!), and before i could say "no thanks"...they asked if we had boyfriends...LOL! My sis smartly said, "Yes, ALL of us do!" One of those guys (foreigners), did a sort of flying-kiss action which kinda reminded me of those boyband gestures...OMG, hahahaha! I told this to my friends and they laughed their asses off! Now, it is one of our official gesture...seriously, lame! Guys, don't be tacky...for your own sake.

BEP came out...we pushed our way to the front! I reached a barrier...fuck! Couldn't see 'em, which made me super fucking pissed! Damn unfair!!! I settled for them on screen only, but those fuckin' peeps from VIP didn't even sing along or dance or even gave a hint of enjoyment! It was unfair to those who genuinely loved the band! Huh!!!

Okok i won't go to much detail, as it will be too other than me drooling over Taboo's hotness...which i don't know, it's so sudden. Used to think he looked weird...but on that night, he looked hot wearing that wife-beater and his hair tied-up! He looked super fit too! Hahahaha, okok...shall stop now! Now, i wasn't the only one okay? Everytime he was on, all the girls would i wasn't the only one who thought he was hot! :P

After they finished, people were sorta bummed, coz they gave a great for the bad audio/visual which were quite below par! I mean, the event management could've done better! The fireworks, however (which ended the whole event) was a great display! Super fantastic!

And that was it...left out many other details, coz i'm too lazy!

An after-event meal was we thought of goin' to Asia Cafe...but, we got lost...majorly lost! Spent 1-and-a-half hours looking for the parking...we stupidly didn't record which wing we had parked in! Fuck! My feet hurt due to walking up and down! We even paid the parking ticket already, and we spent ALMOST two hours looking for our parking! Seriously, that was the ultimate breaking point for us...i even took off my shoes, as the place was closing, the elevators shut down, we had to walk barefoot! Not that there was anyone left in the complex! WTF...i saw others walking barefoot too, so why not...hahahah! Even up to this day, my ankle hurts coz i twisted it...pretty brutal!

Anyway, we finally found it! And we just chilled in the car...paid the extras for the parking, then headed for AC...we ate, we met someone of no significance to me (but to my sis...yes!)

Of course, the other mood-killer was my sis' stupid bf who kept calling very minute demanding to know who she was foolin' around with! OMFG, i seriously hate that he is a super-controlling, mentally-abusive, insecure piece of man...who, IMO doesn't deserve to be in a relationship...especially with my sis! What the hell can i do? He's in Russia nonetheless, and still manages to cry like a baby over the phone while begging my sis to admit that she's 'grinding' with other guys!

So in the end...was it disappointing or well-worth all my time? Well...i'll just say this: I loved only five things:
  • The BEP performance,
  • The fireworks,
  • The stout,
  • The hot eye candies
  • The after-event supper!
Go figure...bittersweet, but sweet nonetheless!

Zoom to current events: I didn't realize it till i passed friend told me that he was there. Turning around, I was him...OMG! My crush was still there...OMGOMGOMG! LOL, yeah...made my day...and he sat right in front of our table! A guy like him...must be taken or surrounded by girls everywhere he goes! But of course...that wouldn't change the fact that he's the nicest stranger i've ever met! :)