Monday, October 26, 2009


Monday, October 26, 2009

It's been awhile since i talked about my adventures playing the guitar, but you know how it pick it up, then you're too busy with uni and assignments and shit like that. Wish i had one in my college dorm so that i can just play when i'm freakin' over my head...but the next best thing is borrowing my sister's when i'm she's like a play-by-ear kinda person (a-hole!), and i'm like a dumb person attempting to play...but it feels like an achievement when you play something that makes sense, you know? LOL...

So one small achievement is me plucking the intro for my most fave song by my most fave guessed it; Led Zeppelin baby!!! Stairway to Heaven...i can't believe i could now play the fuckin intro by just playing around with the stings, hehehe! Kinda happy, but i guess that's all i have to show for it...oh, and yeah...i also tried to play the chords by ear...and i did, but i'm also missing what else can i do but go to 'Ultimate Guitar Tabs' and refer to it...and you know what? My chords matches the ones online, so woohoo! One small step for me, one giant leap i guess? Well, whatever...the most important thing is that i'm happy! Hahahaha, hope that i can play the whole song one's a superawesome song! LOL...

Oh, and did I mention, i also can play the chorus for AC/DC's Highway to Hell, albeit rather slowly...but yeah...i did it myself...just for fun! You know, when you hear the song long enough, you just wanna play a certain part for fun, so i did! Hahahah, when i played the sis, and she laughed coz it's super random and "Whuh???"...LMAO! Guess it's kinda good when you learn to play chords first...makes things easier.

A few songs that which are super easy for beginners are Howie Day's Collide, Amos Lee's Colors, Green Day's Time of Your Life (Good Riddance), etc...but i've yet to master them...another song i'm studying is my other fave which is Tonic's If You Could Only See...I STILL suck though!

Too bad most of the songs i learn is unknown to most people!!! But hey, even if they did know, i would rather be caught dead than play in public, heheheh!

Well, i'm just one step closer to crossing another life task on my list! Next, is going to ******! Some rumors are swirling that we might get a chance...but i won't say it out just yet. Don't wanna jinx it!

By the way, good luckeroo to my besties (if they read this!) for the finals! Hmmmm, i can't imagine how our lives would become next year...we'd graduate, go our separate kinda makes me wanna go all emo and shit, but i won't let least not just yet! :(

God bless us...everyone!