Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yesterday...This Is Quite A Long One!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yesterday I was supposed to pay my mom's credit cards...but it didn't happen coz my mom failed to mention i was to withdraw 1.7k from my acc that she banked in...wtf? My bank doesn't let me withdraw more than a thousand okay? Epic fail for the night!

So what did me and my sisters do? We went up the hill near the neighborhood...baby fell asleep...LOL! EVERYTIME we get into a car at night, she sleeps...hahahaha! My other sis and I didn't wanna go home, see? My dad went to teach and usually gets home around 11pm. So, you know how we are...as long as we get the chance to get the hell out of the house even for awhile...WE WILL DO SO!

So up the hill we drove...and boy, we saw a house - a big, beautiful, cozy and spacious house! My sis and I looked at each other and both said, "One day..." in unison! Lol...sigh...coz life ain't grand right now. All i do now is wish for the days to get better for us all. I know we aren't the only ones having hard times...most families are. So i won't go into much detail there.

Anyway, we saw the great view of KL...of course, with her towers of glory...my sis had an idea to take pics of the city lights in motion...so i took one on my phone...and so, behold:

Looks like some festival, huh?

What else...ooh, discovered that this old friend of mine had some guy problems, and all i could think of was "What???" Damn, girl...u should not fall THAT easily! I mean, you barely know the person. I still wonder...How? How? And I warned her not to be too forward or persistent in going after the person...you might scare the poor guy...sigh, the lengths some girls go through...but she did anyway!

I sometimes wonder how in the world do we remain close when we have different minds? Lol...variety is the spice of life, right? Well, all i can say is, i did my part...AND if you need me, i'm still here to support you! No matter how secretly disappointed i am of you, i'll still support you...no question about it!

To anyone who feels like crap...hang in there and be sure u find peace...i'm guessing it's a period of tough luck, hard times, and shit loads of bullcrap...What can you do? Look at the stars, feel the breeze of the cool night air, hear the sound of the rain...or the waves on a beach, cook for yourself, hear some great music to soothe your soul...be alone with your thoughts to ponder on life's wonders...cherish the things you have, and say "Fuck you and goodbye!" to the toxic people around you, Lol! These are just a few of many things you could do.

Now mind you, once i find that a friend needs some solitude, i respect and will do just that. I do that too sometimes! :) Solitary confinement helps...

So i wish you luck in attaining inner peace and pure bliss!

Song i'm listening to right now is an old favorite...but it seems to me that it's quite relevant in todays' freakish situation: Hurt by NIN. Man, i still wish i could go see NIN in concert! Thus, one of the shittiness of being broke!

Damn, i've had it with talking about fiscal issues!!! I've had it! So i'd better go before i talk more about it!

Toodlez, bitches!!!


Neo said...

Bukit Ampang?or Ampang look-out point?or Bukit Permai??hmmm,thats good 4 u sibling to go out smtimes .
>> bout ur fren's prob,i can assure u that the guy already freaked out!!(not jst him,his 2 other frens too) heck,she shud noe wut she did,really cross d line!
>> Hey,thanx,yeah, i got it settled,maybe it just a tiresome period(PMS???)
>> Dear,If u really dissapointed n if its true..honestly,I'm touched ;( Im sorry from the bottom of my heart..
>> lmao,there's only 1 thing u dnt noe bout ur solitude-needy fren..When he said he wanna be alone,he ALWAYS never ever meant it.The more u give him space,the more he will go further,n further away coz he have nobody to 'catch' him..
>> Talk bout fiscal issues,Im having d same prob here!! FuckkkkkkK!!!!! huhuhuhu...
>> IM goin 2 burn the midnight oil today,soo,i hope u do on9 in ur msn..i'll give u a call after i wrote this comment..
'Solitude means emptiness'

ledzeppelin4evr said...

She crossed the line? Looks like i didn't hear ur fren's version yet...

Neo said...

cross d line as in friend's line + stranger's line..not a really2 bad line laa..
idk whether my frens gonna follow me out anymore.ahahah..

ledzeppelin4evr said...

Hahaha...i don't think they will...like ever again! LOL.