Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where Are We Going?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ever wonder sometimes where the hell you're heading for in life? I've made plans...and plans never turn out how you imagined them. I'm gonna be in my final year after the holidays, and i've yet to KNOW exactly what i'm supposed to be doing.

I can say where i could work...i could work for the foreign service, the Malaysian Political Think-tank, i could work for the bank, i could work for the various MNCs here in Malaysia, i could work as a journalist, i could work for the mass media...and many more. The key is "COULD"...but do i WANT to? What do i want? Do any of us actually figure out the answer in the end?


Where am i heading? Shitdamncrap!


Anonymous said...

at least u have 1 more yr to think over...

Neo said...

If you think too much about life,u will not get out from life~ just let the moment count,enjoy the current@present by GOD,if u have plan(s),try to stick to it for d moment..n hey,u wont die if one of ur plan didnt work..worst case scenario,u have a crappyhead fren here who could help u out,just let him help u ok??

ledzeppelin4evr said...

April: I do, but it passes just like that, and u noe me...procrastinator!

Neo: Ur insights are beyond ur years...r u sure u'r not an old man? Lol! U'r an old man, aren't u?

Neo said...

im a man,when i need 2 be one..huhu,but i noe im older than u,lil gal :P