Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Very Long Post!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

And here i am...home at last! After the endless ups and downs of the beloved staircase of my dorm (i climbed up and down like 7 times!), i have finally carried EVERYTHING!!! My arms hurt like hell!

But...then again, leaving is a bittersweet moment...yeah, sure...wasn't much, but damn it was my temple of solitude...a place where i found peace...a place where i could just be alone, look outside and i can see the forest, the sky, feel the breeze, hear the rain, etc...it was good while it lasted!

Just turned 22 last April, and i was shown that i have the sweetest friends...one drove for miles just to gimme a whole bunch of stuff, (and denies NOT knowing my birthday was near...) and the others just tried their best to keep things hush-hush, surprising me with a cake! Again i thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart *hugs*!

So i had two birthday cakes - well, 1 birthday cake, and 12 cupcakes from this place where they sell cupcakes (duhh!!!) for a ridiculous price! But damn, they taste good! *drools* Parents got me a new phone, which i'm thankful for!

(I shared a birthday cake with Fitrina Walhaallahallah!!! Happy birthday in advance babe! Remember how we finished it, and were on the verge of puking from too much cake? ROFLMAO...good times!)

(It says: "Betday Kakak!" -- just the way my baby sis says it...cute, huh? My other sis' idea! Omg, these cupcakes are heaven. Note to self: need to learn to bake awesome cupcakes!!! Lol! the topping was...*drools*)


What else, huh...the exams. Well, what should i say about the exams -- i would say it sucked balls to the core, but i am hoping for the best, hehehe! Serves me right for not revising and sticking to the Devil's trap, which is the internet!!! He must be laughing at me now, but yeah...i suck!

Said our goodbyes right after the last paper, and left each other just like that...man, i miss you guys already! :'(

Now that i'm home, i have been appointed the family cook...again! And i am also the maid...which sucks, coz i would make a horrible maid due to my procrastination and laziness. Well, they asked for it! Lol!

My baby sis is talking a lot now...damn, they sure do grow up pretty fast! She can say what she means, albeit a little broken...but we get what she tries to say...Man, it never ceases to amaze me how time passes by...i get surprised by it every single day! I mean, was it really passing this quick ever since? Or is it something that's only happening NOW? I dunno...as i remember, it didn't use to be this fast!

Oh, yeah...Mom might be posted in Sabah again, so...i dunno, the trip might be postponed to the final week of June, instead of mid-May! I hate it when this happens...i hate when plans take a detour and i just wish plans just stay the main agenda...but it doesn't, and i'll just have to accept it, won't i?

And what's with the weather nowadays? OMG, it's so freakin' hot, that I sweat while taking a shower...i sweat while standing near a fan...wtf is up? Have we screwed up the environment soooo much that we are now suffering the consequences? It rains for 2 minutes, then it's back to the heatwave...arrrgghhh!

Okay, so for now...done with all the goss - so all i have to say now is...

Toodlez, bitches!


Neo said...

ahahha,whos crazy enuff drive for miles n give u shyt ?? i think its worth it 2 make diz lil Georjienah Anne all clumsy and nervous break-down..ahhahahah..
+ yeah,u shud miss ur room a lot now..dnt wrry,u will feel that again soon..someday~
OMG,postponed??hmmm,pity u..hey hey,dnt wrry,i'll try my best 2 plan smthing 4 u my dearest crappy asshole! huhuu
+ dude!!i swear to god,i dnt knw bout ur bDay!!haih
+ btw,happy holiday!! dnt run~!
n hey,if u r too free to do nothing,i will post u my assignment(english esp) for u to fini..errrr,help :P hahaha

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look yummy...haha.

I envy your freedom...as for me, my finals r in a week's time...boohoo!

ledzeppelin4evr said...

Neo: As usual, ur comments are vvv long...tanx, dickwad! Yes, if i'm bored, i shall do ur eng assignment for u...for RM 350! Standard shrink charges apply...

Aprilgirl87: Good luck for ur finals, girl...miss coffees at Starbucks...let's go soon, k?

Neo said...

ahahha,yeah,i realise that..ok ok,i'll mk it short..RM350?ok done..100000 pages for 1 day..ok?