Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trying But Can't vs. A Funny Anecdote

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As I attempt to study...I fail!

As I attempt to sleep...I fail!

As I attempt to stay awake...I fail!

What can i say about this shit? Epic fail!!!

Well, that's just me! But, as the saying goes...success comes with failure, and hey, whaddya know, i'm almost there! With two tests over, i am left with 5...and i can't wait for it to be over.


With the end of the semester, comes the beginning of a new one...shit! Thesis, thesis! Can't play the fool any more. I dunno, i procrastinate a lot, and i know that's a pretty bad habit...not pretty's BAD, period! And to make things worse, it's been my quality since childhood. Sigh, how do I stop it? It's a part of me now, damnit! Okok, i've said it, and i'll say it again...I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS! (so much for not being a procrastinator!)


The other day, my mom called...well, she always calls! What was different about this call was...wait for it...wait for's pretty funny...she wishes for me to have a bf!!! She actually said, "I wish for you to fall in love and have a boyfriend!" *speechless* Do I look so pathetic without one? Damn...

You may roll on the floor and laugh your ass off...coz I certainly did! Told my friends, and they laughed too. Okok, so I asked my mom -- "Why mom, why all of a sudden? You've always supported me when I said I am happily single, and you hate it when those stupid aunties ask me why I don't have a bf, right?"

She said, "Yes, of course...but you know what? I got married when i was're 22 and you've never even had ONE bf..."

SHIT...when she said that, I laughed...but in my heart...shit!!! Is this pressure i'm sensing? FUCK!!! To make light of the subject, she told me that my dad might even look for someone for was a joke, but mom said, "who knows?"

OMG...WTF!!! Can it get any weirder than this? I don't know whether to laugh or I laughed. Telling my friends was no better, they keep telling me "Who asked you to have super high standards?" Since when did I have high standards? Damn! Another even wants to hook me up with her friend...Arrrrggghhhh!!! *runs away*

To make things worse, I went and said something stupid to my mom the other day, before 'the call':
She has a friend; she's a lawyer - successful, rich...and she's single. She told my mom that she regrets being too demanding in terms of choosing a guy, that now, she's in her 40s, all alone...

What did I say that was soo stupid? Well, i told my mom, "Shit, that's gonna be me..."

I'm guessing THAT statement was the catalyst that set my mom into panic mode. I'm LOL-ing now as this is a revelation!

Damn, why did I have to say that? Ok, it's sweet that mom and dad doesn't want me to end up alone, but i would definitely NOT be alone...i have my backups.

In the end, I know my man is out there, and whatever it is...I deserve happiness, and God will not let me be unhappy! Errrr, right?


Neo said...

LoL,hey,u dnt hv a high-standard issue,u jst happen to hv issues on liking,or caring sm1 soo badly,till d feeling turn into smthing unexplainable.. some people said (i took time 2 like sm1 ) huhu..
yeay,dapat masuk blog ko sbb aku on9 jap nih.. :P

ledzeppelin4evr said...

Tell dis analysis to my mom pls! Hahahahaha...

Neo said...

haahaha,u noe i will babe! :D

fItRiNa said...