Friday, April 10, 2009

Week Of Doom!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Well hellooooo everybody!

Couldn't help but notice that the times haven't treated me burdens within the family, family probs by itself...then, smackdown of undone projects and tests coming's all a big blurry phenomenon. Coupled with not sleeping enough, and what have you got?


Yes, yes...i was rude to my friends...mostly one friend; I snapped at her almost every chance i had...i can take slight annoyances, but when it's times like these when there's too much pressure...what can i say? I'm only human.

Well, i apologized to her coz i noe she's the sensitive one, lol! All good...

Yeah, feelin' a little better once i took a long nap...zzzzzz! Multiple mandarin oral tests are finished, and all that's left are the written essays due soon. That, I can handle!

I thank God for friends who! And now, I shall be teased for the rest of the semester due to my bitchfest. They called me pregnant, coz it seemed like my hormones were getting the best of me, like a pregnant woman...LMAO...thanks!

Now, on to the next challenge...


Anonymous said...

Life's a bitch at this time of the year where assignments are due and finals are We're in the same boat!

ledzeppelin4evr said...


PS: It will pass soon enough, k? Don't let it pressure you...but hulk-ing into a bitch? Inevitable...roflmao!

Neo said...

chill,ur Ctrl-Alt-Del is here!!ahhahahahah :P come on,jst a couple of days,u gals,goin 2 pass that!n freedoommm~~~