Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm so bored!

I haven't been out since i came home, been so lazy...just now i was in such a bad, cranky mood i sorta took it out on my family with my laser mouth.

Sometimes, i just wish i don't hv holidays coz it makes me do nothing but watch tv, and nothing else...

Haven't gone to take my stuff from the dorm as dad usually promises to send me there, but to no avail...TYPICAL!

Don't you just feel that you hate certain days...u feel like you just want to go to bed and never wake up? That's how i feel today! I realized something a few days ago...I only have have my family to live for...nothing else! My future? I sometimes feel like i'm too jaded to do anything. This phase comes and goes, but it's there nonetheless...and i hate it!

My sister ha taken to seeing a shrink about her see, she's not doing so well in the mental health area. And you know, i'll never be like that. I thank God i have the sanity.

Sometimes, i just wished omething good would happen for me, you know? I always take the harder way, because i don't want to owe anything to anybody. I don't want favors, i don't like feeling indebted. I like doing things like this as a challenge i would rise up to, and i usually do.

But, in my life, who can be a witness to all of this, except for me? Who is there to grow with me?

This is my whiny post of the day. Coz if i ain't whining, i ain't ME!