Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How Long, How Long!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sorry about not updating...besides, no one ever reads this but me...I like to look back on the stuff I write about things; see if my thoughts have changed, or if they're still the same...

I'm now working home. How great is that? However, my exams are not over I have to be careful with that.

My days at uni are dull as hell...i'll give you a piece of the action. Here's what I wrote on a dull day. Was pretending there was WiFi, and that I was updating my blog...Here goes a long's like I never took a break from blogging, hahah...:

"Tuesday, 30 October 2007.

Wow, how fast does time pass when you are preoccupied with things…So far, I’ve been doing a balancing act; work and studies…the time where I should’ve been studying for my exams was the time I was rushing with my work tasks, as the deadline approached…regretfully, out of 30 videos, I only finished 27 on time, and had to give the other 3 over to the main man (coz I had to go back to my uni for the exams…)

Regarding the tests, the first paper; screwed it up…not saying I didn’t know the answers, coz I sure did know ‘em. It’s just that I didn’t manage the my time properly. I wrote long and hard on the scratch paper…then, when it came to writing them on the answer sheet, I had run out of time.

The last question, in which I was supposed to be an expert, just coz I did it as an assignment, I didn’t do it right…Why? Because I read the question wrong! Instead of writing down the difference between the foreign policy during Tunku Abdul Rahman and Mahathir’s era, I had written from the time of all of the prime ministers (just as in my assignment question!) I summarized everything, and left out a few, since I thought I was writing too much…AND , while writing, I ran out of time! How’s that for shitty!!!

When I came out of the test hall, and exchanged notes about the test with a couple of friends, only then did I know the REAL question…AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! SCREWED UP THE TEST---BIG TIME!!!!! Almost threw a fit right then and there…

Well, can’t think too much about it now, right? 15 marks down the drain, yo!


Wish there was a Halloween Party…I often wished I was at a private uni where these sort of fun activities happen all the time…I’m missing too much on life…a part of my youth went missing when I entered this public uni…sure, it’s one of the greatest gifts the gov can give me…80% subsidized higher education…though, I sometimes feel like I don’t fit in. Sure, no one knows who Wilco or The Shins is, nobody listens to NIN or Sufjan Stevens, watches E! Channel…

This is one of the reasons I listen to music all the time…it takes me away to another world…a world of possibilities, ideals. One thing I’m finding hard to understand is why don’t I have any male friends here? It seems unbelievable that I don’t, coz I sure have dozens of them over at high school, and we all still hang out. Am I losing the ability to socialize, or is it the current environment that I’m in…I think it’s the latter…

However, I think it’s time for me to experience being a social misfit…

What am I listening to? Tommy Tutone’s Jenny 867 5309. Love that you memorize the number at the first mention…for a good time, call 867-5309 (Hahaha, classic!)"