Wednesday, November 21, 2007

School's Out!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Semester 1 of university i overrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Sorry, i can't help but be happy being home...but i also look forward to the next semester.

Exams were pretty tough on me, since i was working while doing exams...shit, i told my boss i would never again work while having exams. I owe it to myself to concentrate on what really matters, right?

Anyways, it just proves my theory...i only do well without studying in my favorite subjects...i think i did better in IT and International Relations (my major) than in the other subjects...but i hope it's all good. If it's not, i wouldn't kill myself, but i would certainly have to bring up the GPA, you'm adding another subject too...FRENCH!!! Woohoo!!! I just hope it doesn't clash with my other subjects.

Enough of school!!! I'm gonna talk about other stuff now...i'm gonna spend the holidays learning more about soon as i get the dough im gonna buy self-helping methods on computer languages...i suppose the most basic one first, then if i could cope, i would advance...however, this is JUST a plan, if something else comes up, who knows...

Still have no boyfriend, but i'm sill waitin for THE KNIGHT, if you know what i! I sometimes think what's the big deal, but when i look at how love makes you, i feel like i want that too! But, sometimes, it's just a matter of, "do you have what it takes to make it work?"
I think my commitment phobia says i don't have what it takes. But i'm working on it...

Other than all that, xmas is approaching and my dad says we still are in mourning for my dead uncle...he died last 28th Dec. So that means, no open house, no hosting any parties...but I want to bake cookies, and i will! I discovered a way of making the choc chip cookies crisp,and not go soft after a few days...i did! and i will apply it to my batch, this xcited...last year, my pineapple tarts and pepparkakkor (ginger snaps) were a hit! But not the cookies...LOL! Was nice, but not Famous Amos nice! Well, it was the pioneer batch, anyway!

Hope i have fun this holiday!