Thursday, October 11, 2007

Strange Little Girl

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I would say i'm sorta ideals, my reality, my life, my likes, my pet peeves, my taste in music...etc. I like being me! Strange, weird, crayzeee! However...I hate being bored. That's why my days here are wasted on you, blog...I have no money to hangout, no car to drive out (coz Mom doesn't want me driving her car!!!)...sometimes I get into this mode like "Is this my so-called life?" It's soooooooo not interesting! Now that I have a baby sister, I can't even have an outing, without checking my other sister and parent's schedule...coz everybody's doing something!!!

I hate being bored, I hate being bored, I hate being bored!!!

I'm totally wasting my life by not experiencing it to the the hell am I suppose to fall in love without getting out of the freakin' house? How the hell am I suppose to get new clothes without searching at stores for the right apparels? How the hell am I suppose to study when Dad's supposed to send me to campus to bring home my books? How am I supposed to experience the fullest life I can live without going out of my house??????????

I cook my sister's meals now...that's all I do now...and she finishes her dinner at lunchtime, too! Says she can't help finishing all of it! Lol, I must be a great cook!!! I'm fed up with just cooking, you know...I don't know, this isn't suppose to be this way, my life is NOT how I want it to be!

Damn it!