Friday, September 14, 2007

Anti-climactic Homecoming

Friday, September 14, 2007

Is this it?

I came back home expecting a little more than "Hi!"... well, what can a girl do, right? I can't expect a grand welcoming party...Hahahaha!!! I wish my life were less dull, though! I'm going to buy stuff tomorrow...Lol, may I get some eye candy!

The journey home is real hectic, I tell ya...I have to take three different trains; interchanging at different stations. What else? Oh, yeah! My little sister has oficially remembered her crazy, big sister...she identified me by my wackiness and flair for acting like a fool...i'm the court jester of the house, I guess!



Sigh, will there ever be someone for me? I think not! But you know something? I'm not gonna settle for less than I want...I couldn't...I can't!!! Some old timers tell me to lower my standards; AS IF!!! Besides, it's not like they're happily married! The identities of these old bags? I guess you'll never know...LOL!!!

Well, i'm on this journey called life, and I expect to go through the best life possible; I mean, what is life without falling in love, right? What is life without love? I wish I will have what my parents have---REAL love...I mean, you can tell they're STILL in love. Sometimes, I see my Mom holding my Dad's dad buys Mom flowers and stuff for their's so sweet! You don't go and have a baby after 20 years of marriage if you don't love each other after all these years, right?

Well, I KNOW what kind of life it can be without love--DULL!!! Of course I know this coz i've been single all my life!!! I'm not a desperate girl...I don't go knocking on doors to find Mr. Right, and I don't like it when my friends, cousins, aunts, uncles ask me when am I gonna have a boyfriend. It's just something I think about, for future use.

We all need to fall in love once in a while, right?